Welcome to our class blog. Our blog will be used as a tool to keep you updated on what we are doing in our classroom through reflections of classroom experiences, celebrations, and classroom news. Students will have opportunities to complete fun activities from the Blog that relate back to classroom learning. Please check the blog weekly as I will be using it to update you on classroom information as well!

Friday, December 13, 2013

Getting ready to complete our THIRD unit!!

In math we have been working on paired numbers in a table, patterns on number lines, and function (in and out) machines. We have also started to discuss multiplication this week and we learned a new game that can help us practice our doubles (2s facts)

In writing we have been trying our hand out in writing different forms of poetry. This week we took a personal narrative that we published and are using a Plot Structure Map to turn it into a narrative poem. We have also used Douglas Florian as a mentor poet to help us write some poetry!

We have been working hard studying about the differences between expressive and expository type languages and when we use them. We have completed research about a planet and can tell you all about the sun and its role!

To finish up our unit we will be taking our planet research and be turning it into a poem using what we have learned about types of poetry and author's craft.

We focused on writing similes this unit and how they can add imagery into our poetry. We learned that a SIMILE compares 2 objects using like or as and the two objects are often not alike.

1. Go to STEMscopes.
2. Log in using the USERNAME: pair3 and the PASSWORD: pair3
3. Complete an online activity that you have not had the chance to complete yet.
4. On the blog post 2 things you learned and 1 simile about an object in space.
                             Example: I learned that Mercury is the first planet. (fact)
                                            I learned that the sun is the reason we have the water cycle. (fact)
                                            Mars is as tiny as a crumb fit for a mouse! (simile)

Friday, November 22, 2013

Don't get BLINDED!!!


We have started our third unit. Our new central idea is: The need to share information leads to many forms of communication. We are learning about how communication has evolved. We even got to investigate old cell phones and telephones that Ms. Pair brought in! We have also been learning about the difference between expressive and expository language. We are also learning about space and poetry in the unit.

In reading we are working on learning about the different types of poetry. So far we have investigated different poems and talked about what we notice. I am also very excited to announce that as a class we are just ONE Bluebonnet book away from being able to all vote on our favorite book in the spring!!

In math we have been focusing on identifying patterns in a table and extending tables.


Option 1:
- Research about an object in space. It can be the sun, planets, stars, comets, asteroids, etc. Come to school with 5 facts and 2 questions about what you researched.

Option 2: 
- Bring in a poem that you read this weekend. Please write down WHY you liked the poem and WHAT you noticed the author did in the poem. (rhyming, rhythm, tell a story, etc)

Option 3:
- Solve the following problem. Bring in your work on a table to get credit. You must have your answer circled. Ms. Pair needed to get gas in her car before going on vacation. Every 3 gallons, it costs her $2.00. How much money will she spend on gas if she buys 15, 30 and 36 gallons of gas?

Friday, November 8, 2013

Best unit EVER!!

Since we posted last we have been working on rounding 2 and 3 digit numbers. We have learned many different strategies to use to round numbers.

We have been learning how to tell time. Ask us about quarter past, quarter till, and half past, we can tell you all about it! When telling time, you take care of your baby first which is your hour hand.

This week we learned about reading a thermometer. A thermometer measures the amount of thermal energy.

In reading we have been working on identifying cause and effect. We have been focusing on expository text. We have been using the headings to help us determine the main idea of a section of text.

We have been researching topics related to our unit. We have been working on putting our research into paragraphs by using a hamburger outline.

We have done a roller coaster investigation (in the video above) to learn about gravity. Gravity is a force that pulls you down to the Earth.
We learned about different forms of energy. We use mechanical energy to start cars, mechanical energy is the energy of motion. We learned about light energy and that it helps us see. Like light bulbs and the sun give out light.

Coming Soon!!!
Angry Birds summative investigation!!

1. Reflect on one day this weekend.
2. Make a timeline of what you did at certain times. You will need to include the time digitally, on a clock (with the hands), and a picture of what you did at that time or a sentence.
3. You must have AT LEAST 4 events on the timeline

Friday, October 4, 2013

Coming to the end of our first unit!

Blog Bonus:

1. Follow the directions below to get to the correct website. You will be using the PBS website that you looked at with Ms. Gardner for your last library lesson on advertisements.

2. After following the directions explore the website, play the advertisement games, etc.

3. To complete the BLOG BONUS you must post on the blog one thing that you learned from exploring the PBS website!

1. Go the the CHE Library Website and click the like that is second under the picture. The link says Library Links and Calendar.

Click the link that the arrow is pointing to. The link says Links For Students.

Scroll down until you get close to the bottom of the page. You will click the link that the arrow is pointing to. The name of the link is 3rd Grade Media Literacy.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Better late than never!

We are a little late getting our blog post out, but late is better than never! We have been really busy in our classroom this last week!

In Math
- We have learned about a part, part, whole chart and using it to help us determine addition or subtraction in problem solving
- We have been using place value to help us add numbers
- We learned about using "hairy money'. It is a strategy where coins get hairs based on their values. Each hair has the value of 5, pennies are bald!!

In Reading:
- We have been learning to use our schema to help us make inferences in the text. We learned that our schema is our background knowledge.
- We have been inferring the meaning of new words by looking at the text clues and using our background knowledge.
- We started the novel "A Cricket in Times Square". We are using the novel to help us better understand our unit on economics.
- As a class our goal is to read 5 Bluebonnet books so we can all vote. So far we have read:
                                                 "Ten Rules....."
                                                 " Waiting for the Magic"- we are in the process of reading!

In writing
- We have been working on writing leads for our timeline stories. Today we got to do a fun activity called "Writing Musical Chairs".

As a school, each class is learning about a university and making a project for the school. We researched North Carolina State University. We learned that you can go to school there to be an engineer. Ms. Pair's dad went to NC State and received an engineering degree!

Go to the website below to learn about a university of your choice. For the BLOG BONUS post on the blog the most interesting fact you learned and the school name.

I learned that you can go to Texas State to be a teacher.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Friday, September 6, 2013

2 Weeks Down!!

This week was our first week to start homework! There is a post with an example on it that you can refer to as you need it! EVERY night will be reading for 20 minutes and responding...even if Ms. Pair has a sub! Math homework will start on Monday!

We have already earned a class reward and we are all "chillin" in our PJs as we write this post. We are well on our way to earning another class reward.

We are learning more about economic systems. We have learned what an entrepreneur is today. We watched a video about a caveman that made a baseball bat called a "fwat". We learned that entrepreneurs are people that have started a business that sells a product or service. We decided that Caine from Caine's Arcade is an entrepreneur. Next week we will be researching people like Mary Kay, John Deere, Sam Walton, Steve Jobs, etc.

In math we have been learning about place value and developing number sense. We can break apart number in the ten thousands and we can talk about the places values. We are really looking forward to learning about the hundred thousands place next week. We made a model of ten thousands together in the classroom, it is really neat!!

Make an advertisement for a good or a service of your choice. There is a picture example below. The advertisement must include:
1. Name of business
2. Picture of the good/service that you provide
3. The cost of the good/service
4. Where the business is located

You can choose to create business hours, website address, etc. You can get as creative as you want!
Example of Bonus!

Friday, August 30, 2013

The first week of school has been going great! We have been working very hard already! We were able to spell the "TREMENDOUS" already for a class prize that we will vote on next week.

**PARENTS: Don't forget that OPEN HOUSE is Sept. 5th!

We have already started our first IB unit which is How We Organize Ourselves. We have learned the central idea and discussed all of the new words. The central idea is:

The exchange of goods and services drives economic systems within communities.

Our biggest learning has been that an economic system is a cycle of buying and selling goods and services. We watched a video called Caine's Arcade. You can watch the video of Caine by visiting www.cainesarcade.com. You can also see videos of other cardboard creations from children from other places around the world. We are really hoping that we also get to do the Global Cardboard Challenge on Oct. 6th.

Each BLOG post will have a "BLOG BONUS" to be completed over the weekend. When it is turned in on Monday you will receive a secret prize for completing the assignment. If you turn it in late, you will not be able to get a prize. In the coming month I will be teaching the class how to post a comment. Some of the assignments will need a comment posted.

** If you were to build a creation out of cardboard, like Caine, what would you build.
1. Tell me about it.
2. Draw a picture.
3. What resources would you need to make it?

Friday, February 1, 2013

Earth Forces and How We Are Affected!

This unit we have been learning about earth forces and how they effect the environment, community, landforms, and how we build our homes and civilizations. Here are some of the exciting things that we have learned over the past weeks:
1. Roli- That whenever volcanoes erupt they create new land!
2. Florence- We learned that hurricanes and volcanoes can cause tsunamis.
3. Ms. Pair- I learned that Chanh has experienced a volcano in Japan!
4. Emilie- That hurricanes can destroy home and people have to get on top of their cars to survive it.
5. Jonathan- Learning that floods cover homes with water.
6. Jaylen- When volcanoes erupt they make a lot of smoke.
7. Dylan- That sometimes plain can have a lot of wildfires because of droughts.
8. Brianna- I learned that volcanoes can cover you with ash and sometimes hot rock.
9. Sullivan- Volcanoes create new land or islands.

We have also spent time reading about different folktales. We learned that tall tales, legends, fairy tales, myths, and fables are examples of folktales.

We are going to be wrapping up our unit soon!

With being an IB school we like to emphasize the importance of reflecting on our learning and personal journeys here at school, in the community, and at home. Your BLOG BONUS is to reflect on your learning. I would like for you to choose some action to complete that is related to one of our units:

How We Organize Ourselves- Economics, goods, services, business, entrepreneurs, etc
How The World Works- gravity, forces, motion, forms of energy
How We Express Ourselves- poetry, the planets, the sun, and water cycle
Where We Are in Place and Time- earth forces, letter writing, landforms

Act on that action (which means DO IT!!) and then reflect on what it made you feel like, what it might of made someone else feel like, what you learned, what you are still wondering, etc.

Turn it in by Tuesday for a prize!

Friday, January 25, 2013


We have been working very hard in class on our fourth unit. We have had a blast learning about different earth forces. We have discussed how they affect communities and environments, how they affect the land, and what we can do to stay safe if we encounter one of them!

We have also been working hard on geometry! We have had so much fun investigating solids and polygons!

Your blog bonus is to bring in a real life example of a solid that we have talked about in class to be displayed in the classroom. For example (you can't do this one!) I might bring a party hat for cone!

Thank you to those who came to science night, it was a blast!!