Welcome to our class blog. Our blog will be used as a tool to keep you updated on what we are doing in our classroom through reflections of classroom experiences, celebrations, and classroom news. Students will have opportunities to complete fun activities from the Blog that relate back to classroom learning. Please check the blog weekly as I will be using it to update you on classroom information as well!

Friday, February 1, 2013

Earth Forces and How We Are Affected!

This unit we have been learning about earth forces and how they effect the environment, community, landforms, and how we build our homes and civilizations. Here are some of the exciting things that we have learned over the past weeks:
1. Roli- That whenever volcanoes erupt they create new land!
2. Florence- We learned that hurricanes and volcanoes can cause tsunamis.
3. Ms. Pair- I learned that Chanh has experienced a volcano in Japan!
4. Emilie- That hurricanes can destroy home and people have to get on top of their cars to survive it.
5. Jonathan- Learning that floods cover homes with water.
6. Jaylen- When volcanoes erupt they make a lot of smoke.
7. Dylan- That sometimes plain can have a lot of wildfires because of droughts.
8. Brianna- I learned that volcanoes can cover you with ash and sometimes hot rock.
9. Sullivan- Volcanoes create new land or islands.

We have also spent time reading about different folktales. We learned that tall tales, legends, fairy tales, myths, and fables are examples of folktales.

We are going to be wrapping up our unit soon!

With being an IB school we like to emphasize the importance of reflecting on our learning and personal journeys here at school, in the community, and at home. Your BLOG BONUS is to reflect on your learning. I would like for you to choose some action to complete that is related to one of our units:

How We Organize Ourselves- Economics, goods, services, business, entrepreneurs, etc
How The World Works- gravity, forces, motion, forms of energy
How We Express Ourselves- poetry, the planets, the sun, and water cycle
Where We Are in Place and Time- earth forces, letter writing, landforms

Act on that action (which means DO IT!!) and then reflect on what it made you feel like, what it might of made someone else feel like, what you learned, what you are still wondering, etc.

Turn it in by Tuesday for a prize!