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Friday, November 22, 2013

Don't get BLINDED!!!


We have started our third unit. Our new central idea is: The need to share information leads to many forms of communication. We are learning about how communication has evolved. We even got to investigate old cell phones and telephones that Ms. Pair brought in! We have also been learning about the difference between expressive and expository language. We are also learning about space and poetry in the unit.

In reading we are working on learning about the different types of poetry. So far we have investigated different poems and talked about what we notice. I am also very excited to announce that as a class we are just ONE Bluebonnet book away from being able to all vote on our favorite book in the spring!!

In math we have been focusing on identifying patterns in a table and extending tables.


Option 1:
- Research about an object in space. It can be the sun, planets, stars, comets, asteroids, etc. Come to school with 5 facts and 2 questions about what you researched.

Option 2: 
- Bring in a poem that you read this weekend. Please write down WHY you liked the poem and WHAT you noticed the author did in the poem. (rhyming, rhythm, tell a story, etc)

Option 3:
- Solve the following problem. Bring in your work on a table to get credit. You must have your answer circled. Ms. Pair needed to get gas in her car before going on vacation. Every 3 gallons, it costs her $2.00. How much money will she spend on gas if she buys 15, 30 and 36 gallons of gas?


  1. wow what a busy week im going to have.i have work to do ,lots of stuff wheir doing

  2. wow what a busy week im going to have.i have work to do ,lots of stuff wheir doing.

    i also forgotkaleb

  3. i also forgot kaleb