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Friday, September 21, 2012

Phil Bildner week!!!

We had a wonderful visit from author Phil Bildner at school this week on Wednesday. He came to talk to the third graders about the writing process and writing about topics that you love. Phil Bildner surprised ALL third graders by giving everyone a copy of one of his books. The book he autographed is from the "Sluggers" series. His visit tied into what we have been learning about in writing, which is writing about seed ideas (small moments) instead of writing about watermelon topics (large ideas).

In math we have been working on comparing and ordering numbers. We have been calling a place value chart our "BFF" because it will help students show strategies on ordering and comparing numbers. We also have nicknamed the ones place the "bossy" place because it is what tells us even and odd, it is where we start list our values of places first, and it is where we start adding or subtracting first. Ask your child to see the hand motion that goes with the "bossy" place!!!

We have been integrating reading and social studies through the novel "A Cricket in Times Square". We have been focusing on asking questions while we read this week. We have also been connecting what we learn to what we are wondering to have a deeper understanding of the text we read. The novel has been great because our unit is based on how the exchange of goods and services drive an economic system and the book is based on how a family thrives and encounters hardship through owning and running a newsstand in times square.

Next week we are looking forward to creating ad's for business plans we have created. We also plan on a very exciting "family" simulation with spending on needs and wants, saving, and donating the money we earn through out the week.

You have a choice to complete one or both of the following assignments:
1. Write a letter to Phil Bildner about what you enjoyed about his presentation, thanking him for the book, and giving him a suggestion about what topic he should write about next. Don't forget to sign your name and decorate the letter with illustrations and pictures

2. Research how Times Square got its name. Record down 3 interesting things you learned about New York and how Times Square got its name. 

Bring in your assignment Monday for a Super Secret Reward!!

**Parents please look in your child's homework folder for final conference dates and times. It will be printed on bright paper.

Friday, September 7, 2012

A Fun Week At School!

This week in math we review place value. We reviewed the different forms- expanded form, standard form, picture form, and place value chart. We learned how to organize our information in a number web. We also learned about the thousands place!

In reading we learned the expectations for partner reading and read to self. Today we went to the library for the first time to check out books!

In writing we have been writing about a special object, person, and place. We brainstormed 4 special moments about each and then turned the special moment into a writing piece.

In social studies we learned about economic systems. We sorted goods and services from advertisements.

Blog Bonus!!!!
Look in a magazine, newspaper, advertisement, etc for 2 4 digit numbers. A 4 digit number goes up to the thousands place. For each number you will need to make a number web for a total of 2 number webs.

Example of a number web. DON'T forget to label the VALUES!!!