Welcome to our class blog. Our blog will be used as a tool to keep you updated on what we are doing in our classroom through reflections of classroom experiences, celebrations, and classroom news. Students will have opportunities to complete fun activities from the Blog that relate back to classroom learning. Please check the blog weekly as I will be using it to update you on classroom information as well!

Friday, August 30, 2013

The first week of school has been going great! We have been working very hard already! We were able to spell the "TREMENDOUS" already for a class prize that we will vote on next week.

**PARENTS: Don't forget that OPEN HOUSE is Sept. 5th!

We have already started our first IB unit which is How We Organize Ourselves. We have learned the central idea and discussed all of the new words. The central idea is:

The exchange of goods and services drives economic systems within communities.

Our biggest learning has been that an economic system is a cycle of buying and selling goods and services. We watched a video called Caine's Arcade. You can watch the video of Caine by visiting www.cainesarcade.com. You can also see videos of other cardboard creations from children from other places around the world. We are really hoping that we also get to do the Global Cardboard Challenge on Oct. 6th.

Each BLOG post will have a "BLOG BONUS" to be completed over the weekend. When it is turned in on Monday you will receive a secret prize for completing the assignment. If you turn it in late, you will not be able to get a prize. In the coming month I will be teaching the class how to post a comment. Some of the assignments will need a comment posted.

** If you were to build a creation out of cardboard, like Caine, what would you build.
1. Tell me about it.
2. Draw a picture.
3. What resources would you need to make it?