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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Better late than never!

We are a little late getting our blog post out, but late is better than never! We have been really busy in our classroom this last week!

In Math
- We have learned about a part, part, whole chart and using it to help us determine addition or subtraction in problem solving
- We have been using place value to help us add numbers
- We learned about using "hairy money'. It is a strategy where coins get hairs based on their values. Each hair has the value of 5, pennies are bald!!

In Reading:
- We have been learning to use our schema to help us make inferences in the text. We learned that our schema is our background knowledge.
- We have been inferring the meaning of new words by looking at the text clues and using our background knowledge.
- We started the novel "A Cricket in Times Square". We are using the novel to help us better understand our unit on economics.
- As a class our goal is to read 5 Bluebonnet books so we can all vote. So far we have read:
                                                 "Ten Rules....."
                                                 " Waiting for the Magic"- we are in the process of reading!

In writing
- We have been working on writing leads for our timeline stories. Today we got to do a fun activity called "Writing Musical Chairs".

As a school, each class is learning about a university and making a project for the school. We researched North Carolina State University. We learned that you can go to school there to be an engineer. Ms. Pair's dad went to NC State and received an engineering degree!

Go to the website below to learn about a university of your choice. For the BLOG BONUS post on the blog the most interesting fact you learned and the school name.

I learned that you can go to Texas State to be a teacher.


  1. Reminder: The best information will be found under "Tour"

  2. Reminder: use your initials (Ex: E.P.)

  3. on homework just questions do we put i am stiil wondering...... tm

  4. Ed Catmull, B.S. '69, Ph.D. '74, and President of Pixar Studios, is just one of many notable alumni from the University of Utah. p.m

  5. are going to do a blog for this week p.m

  6. At Tulane university there is 12,842 students R.W

  7. There are 34767 people that go to north carolina university.

  8. At Hawaii Pacific University they work with The Oceanic Institute to teach the students about the ocean. GK

  9. at elisabithtown unavirsaty they complaeted there stateom in 19004 and set the blue jays up to a new leavle BW

  10. Peen state university,The hihgeest room cought $280 per night.one room cought $179.95.That is a lot.

  11. texas AM helps the earth every year in how ever way they can and they plant plants and trees. BW

  12. BYU has 51% men and 49% women. TH

  13. i hope every one has a good day.BW

  14. University of Texas has an enrollment of 11,000 students and more than 3,500 master’s and doctor’s degrees awarded annually, the Graduate School is a national leader in graduate degrees awarded and one of the largest graduate schools in the nation.PB

  15. At the University of California-Berkeley, the out-of-state tuition ($35,752) costs more than the in-state tuition ($12,874). Wow! �� EG

  16. Michigan State University mascot is not an animal. It is a Spartan.
    There are 48,906 students. It's one of the biggest greenest universities
    in the world. CB