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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Summer so far...

I hope everyone has been having a really good summer so far. So far it has not really hit me yet that it is actually summer! I have been very busy with my new dog, Yohan. I adopted him the Saturday after school got out. He is part Great Pyrenees and part unknown. He is 3 months old. He has been very naughty this week by digging holes in the yard! He has learned how to sit and lay down also. We are now working on "come" and "roll over". Yohan really likes his toys. He likes them so much that he will pull all of them out of the basket and put them in a pile and lay on them so I cannot get to them!!

Yohan piled up his toys so I cannot get to them.

He loves to play with his raccoon toy.

Puppies sure do like to sleep a lot!

I hope all of you are keeping busy and having a lot of fun so far! What places have you been to? What has been your favorite thing you have read so far? Have you gotten faster at your multiplication facts?!? 

I hope to hear from you all!!

Ms. Pair