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Friday, January 17, 2014

Now Featuring...

We will now be featuring student authors on our class blog. Each week 2 students will work together each day to summarize the important things that we do. During class time on Friday they will be in charge of writing the blog post. I will post what they wanted to say after the school day on Friday. They will also have the chance to create a Blog Bonus for the other students to do that is related to what we are learning! I am really excited to pass this opportunity on to them! Here we go!
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Now Featuring: Camille and Annie's Week in Review!

Camille and Annie working on the blog post!


We've been doing great in geometry! In math we have learned about solids vocabulary. We have reviewed the names of solids and compared the differences between cubes and rectangular prisms. We are getting ready to do a test next Tuesday (Good luck! Have good grades!). Today Ms. Pair quizzed us on the features and names of different shapes on the Promethean board. We also did a practice on geometric shapes.


In reading we have read different Folktale genres. We read legends and myths. We focused on what it means to write a good summary. We have been filling out a graphic organizer for each genre that we read to help us understand it better.We also read the fable, The Grasshopper and the Ant, and learned about the features of a fable. Today we wrote the summary of The Grasshopper and the Ant with a partner and then we picked the best summary out of a choice of three summaries.


Last week we made a timeline for a story where we experienced an force of nature like flood, drought, thunderstorm, etc. We are in the process of turning the timeline into the first draft.


We have learned about floods, droughts and landslides. We have learned that droughts happen a lot where we live. Today we learned about earthquakes. We explored a new website about earthquakes from National Geographic. We got to see new pictures. We even learned that there have been a total of 28 earthquakes recorded in the last 24 hours!


Use what you learned last unit about expressive language to write a poem about:
- hurricanes
- floods
- droughts
- landslides
- earthquakes