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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Launch Week!!!

This week has been a very exciting week in our classroom. We have started on our summative assessment for our unit. We are putting all of our learning about force, motion, work, and energy to use by developing levers to launch 3 different angry birds.

It has not been with out challenges! Many groups are having to rework their levers because they did not expect for their birds to be 3 different weights! They are in the process of developing more accurate levers to launch their birds.

Here are some pictures of what we have accomplished so far!
Planning before the launch!

Developing a plan for a launch lever

What type of lever will be the best?

Launch count down!! 3...2...1

The red bid causes ALL the problems!!

The blue bird in action!

This week we have also been studying graphing. We have made bar and pictographs. We learned that in ALL graphs it is very important to read the key!


Use the data collected to make a graph (bar or pictograph) and a chart. Make sure your graph and chart have the information included from the problem and have the 4 parts that we have talked about in class (Title, key, horizontal label, vertical label). Make sure you use graph paper or a ruler!

At the beach over spring break I was polling different families about their favorite Popsicle flavors. I asked a total of 50 people their favorite flavor. Out of the 50 people, 11 chose lime as their favorite flavor, 9 chose grape, 13 chose banana, and the rest picked cherry. Make a chart of the results and a graph to match!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Fractions, Force, and Fun!

Math: In math we have learned about EQUIVALENT fractions. We discovered that equivalent means EQUAL. For example if half of a pizza is eaten it can be the same as eating 2/4, 4/8, 6/12, 5/10, or 3/6.

Science: We learned that gravity pulls us down to Earth. We watched a video of a dropping race from the Apollo 15 mission. It helped us learn that objects will fall and hit the ground at the same time. The heavier things are the harder they fall.

Blog Bonus!!!!!:
1. Go to the same science website that we have used before:
2. Log In
Username: pair3
Password: pair3

3. Click on the link to open

4. Complete one of the four activities about magnets

5. Post on the blog:
1. 3 things that you have learned about magnetism!