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Friday, November 8, 2013

Best unit EVER!!

Since we posted last we have been working on rounding 2 and 3 digit numbers. We have learned many different strategies to use to round numbers.

We have been learning how to tell time. Ask us about quarter past, quarter till, and half past, we can tell you all about it! When telling time, you take care of your baby first which is your hour hand.

This week we learned about reading a thermometer. A thermometer measures the amount of thermal energy.

In reading we have been working on identifying cause and effect. We have been focusing on expository text. We have been using the headings to help us determine the main idea of a section of text.

We have been researching topics related to our unit. We have been working on putting our research into paragraphs by using a hamburger outline.

We have done a roller coaster investigation (in the video above) to learn about gravity. Gravity is a force that pulls you down to the Earth.
We learned about different forms of energy. We use mechanical energy to start cars, mechanical energy is the energy of motion. We learned about light energy and that it helps us see. Like light bulbs and the sun give out light.

Coming Soon!!!
Angry Birds summative investigation!!

1. Reflect on one day this weekend.
2. Make a timeline of what you did at certain times. You will need to include the time digitally, on a clock (with the hands), and a picture of what you did at that time or a sentence.
3. You must have AT LEAST 4 events on the timeline

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  1. hi mrs pair.im here with my freind dylan mcdonald.I have a besy weekend and i berley have time to do that much stuff b/c i go to my grandmas house AND NO ELEXTRONICS!