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Friday, December 13, 2013

Getting ready to complete our THIRD unit!!

In math we have been working on paired numbers in a table, patterns on number lines, and function (in and out) machines. We have also started to discuss multiplication this week and we learned a new game that can help us practice our doubles (2s facts)

In writing we have been trying our hand out in writing different forms of poetry. This week we took a personal narrative that we published and are using a Plot Structure Map to turn it into a narrative poem. We have also used Douglas Florian as a mentor poet to help us write some poetry!

We have been working hard studying about the differences between expressive and expository type languages and when we use them. We have completed research about a planet and can tell you all about the sun and its role!

To finish up our unit we will be taking our planet research and be turning it into a poem using what we have learned about types of poetry and author's craft.

We focused on writing similes this unit and how they can add imagery into our poetry. We learned that a SIMILE compares 2 objects using like or as and the two objects are often not alike.

1. Go to STEMscopes.
2. Log in using the USERNAME: pair3 and the PASSWORD: pair3
3. Complete an online activity that you have not had the chance to complete yet.
4. On the blog post 2 things you learned and 1 simile about an object in space.
                             Example: I learned that Mercury is the first planet. (fact)
                                            I learned that the sun is the reason we have the water cycle. (fact)
                                            Mars is as tiny as a crumb fit for a mouse! (simile)