Welcome to our class blog. Our blog will be used as a tool to keep you updated on what we are doing in our classroom through reflections of classroom experiences, celebrations, and classroom news. Students will have opportunities to complete fun activities from the Blog that relate back to classroom learning. Please check the blog weekly as I will be using it to update you on classroom information as well!

Friday, September 30, 2011

Are you being truthful?

For this weekend- post one fact and one opinion about something that we have learned this month. Make sure you label your fact and your opinion!

Fact- Wilson Bentley loved snow.
Opinion- I think the importnat thing about the rainforest is that a sloth lives there.

Have a GREAT weekend!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Reading, and math, and social studies... Oh My!

Reminders: Fundraiser books are due back to school on Tuesday!

Conferences are coming up Oct. 10th. Reminders will be sent home again!

Reading: This week we spent our time learning about cause and effect. We learned that a cause happens first and then the effect happens. We identified 4 cause and effect clue words: because, so, since, and then. We read stories like "The Story of Ruby Bridges" and "Jimmy's Boa and the Bungee Jump Slam Dunk."

BONUS!! This weekends Blog Bonus is to create the following:
Since Lexi spent all day playing in the snow, she caught a cold and had to stay inside.

Because mom had to run and get the phone while making lunch, it cause Lady to jump on the table and eat lunch.

To Complete:
1. Find an interesting picture from online, newspaper, or magazine.
2. Cut it out and decide if it will be the cause or the effect.
3. Glue it on the cause side if it is the cause, or glue it on the effect side if it will be the effect.
4. Next brainstorm what caused the picture to happened or what the effect of the picture is. Draw in the matching picture on the opposite side of the glued in picture.
5. Label the sides "cause" and "effect"
6. Record your cause and effect sentence to match the pictures. Circle the cause and effect clue word
**Make sure it is colored!

Your reward for completing this will be held secret until Monday! If you have questions, please post them and I will respond back ASAP!

Our chart from class that we used while learning about cause and effect:

Math: In math this week we became experts on round numbers to the nearest ten and the nearest hundred. We learned to use the strategy of a number line or what we call a tree strategy. Its always important to know the two tens or the two hundreds a number comes between!

Our rounding chant: "0, 1, 2, 3, 4 hit the ground and touch the floor. 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 climb the vine!"

Social Studies: This week we discussed Free Enterprise. We talked about what jobs we could do to earn money. We discussed why we save money as well. We read about different entrepreneurs and learned about how the started their businesses. Next week we will be creating our own business plans!

Take a peak at what has been happenin'!

We have been studying nonfiction features like glossary, captions, headings titles...

Enjoying a good book!

We created a new or existing product with 3 natural resources. We had to describe the products purpose, positive and negative effects on our environment.

Another of the resource writing!

Getting that morning work done! Working hard on Lonestar Math!

We studied 5 ecosystems and learned about the natural resources, plants, and animals in the area.

What do I do when I get in the room??

Our class essential agreements.
Our "Ali" the alligator to help us compare numbers.

The ecosystem pictures that students brought in last week!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Pitter Patter....

Today as we were enjoying a library lesson on Bluebonnet Books, we were very excited to hear the glorious sound of falling rain!!

As for our update this week...

In science we researched about ecosystems. We focused on desert, arctic, rain forest, grassland, and ocean.

Desert- We learned that in there desert there is little rainfall and grass. We feel like we live in a desert because we have had very little rainfall. Along with plants and animals, we learned that there are natural resources like rocks, sand, and animals- like scorpions and tarantulas.

Ask your child to tell you ask about the other ecosystems!!

In math this week we became pros at comparing and ordering numbers. We will have an assessment on Monday to show all of our new learning in place value, ordering, and comparing numbers.

1. Bring in pictures from a different ecosystem that we have learned about in class.
2. Find 4- 4 digit number from a magazine or a newspaper and order them in order from greatest to least.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Conserving Resources

This week in science we focused on natural resources. We went on a resource hunt and found resources around our school. We also learned the difference between renewable and nonrenewable resources. We learned that it is important to conserve resources. Here is a list of 5 things we came up with that we could do at home to help conserve resources:

1. Turn off water when we are not using it. (brushing teeth, doing dishes)

2. Recycle paper and use paper to make other projects.

3. Turn off the lights when you are not needing to use them.

4. Take shorter showers.

5. Use a drying a rack outside to dry clothes instead of using the dryer

What else can you do at home to conserve resources?

Friday, September 2, 2011

A Week of Heroes!

In Reading, Science, and Social Studies this week we focused on reading about people who showed qualities of heroism and good citizenship. We learned about this by reading biographies. We read Ruby Bridges and tracked out thinking. We also read Ruby's Wish. Ruby's Wish was about a girl who was the first to go to university. We learned that these two characters were a lot alike!
- Both girls were the only ones in school.
- Both girls experienced discrimination. Ruby Bridge's was discriminated against because of her skin color and Ruby was discriminated against because she was a girl.

In math we learned about Lone Star math. It will help us review math. We also learned about place value up to the hundreds. Today we made number webs using playing cards. Next week we will be learning place value up to the hundred thousands.

Have a great weekend! Remember: Book order is due Sept. 7th. For online ordering please send Ms. Pair a note!