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Friday, September 6, 2013

2 Weeks Down!!

This week was our first week to start homework! There is a post with an example on it that you can refer to as you need it! EVERY night will be reading for 20 minutes and responding...even if Ms. Pair has a sub! Math homework will start on Monday!

We have already earned a class reward and we are all "chillin" in our PJs as we write this post. We are well on our way to earning another class reward.

We are learning more about economic systems. We have learned what an entrepreneur is today. We watched a video about a caveman that made a baseball bat called a "fwat". We learned that entrepreneurs are people that have started a business that sells a product or service. We decided that Caine from Caine's Arcade is an entrepreneur. Next week we will be researching people like Mary Kay, John Deere, Sam Walton, Steve Jobs, etc.

In math we have been learning about place value and developing number sense. We can break apart number in the ten thousands and we can talk about the places values. We are really looking forward to learning about the hundred thousands place next week. We made a model of ten thousands together in the classroom, it is really neat!!

Make an advertisement for a good or a service of your choice. There is a picture example below. The advertisement must include:
1. Name of business
2. Picture of the good/service that you provide
3. The cost of the good/service
4. Where the business is located

You can choose to create business hours, website address, etc. You can get as creative as you want!
Example of Bonus!

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