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Monday, May 14, 2012

The last few weeks...

We have been pretty busy since STAAR ended. We started a new unit which is Who We Are. Our new unit's central idea is "Like all organisms, humans go through changes in their lives for a variety of reasons". We looked at some pictures of Ms. Pair to start our unit off and we talked about our own inherited traits. Last week we focused on plant and animal inherited traits. We learned that they come from a parent and are passed to an offspring.

We are also doing an animal research project based off of animals that we are interested in and their traits and adaptations.

In math we have been reviewing our facts. We started doing a five minute frenzy this week to work on computational fluency for next year. We are excited to set goals and see how many facts we can answer in 5 minutes!

In reading we are working in book clubs to read different books from The Time Warp Trio series. We are really interested in periods of history and the books are definitely keeping us engaged!

A few reminders for the next TWO WEEKS!!
1. Please return the party note as soon as possible. Please sign up to bring desserts for the party if you would like and send any donations of decoration supplies for end of year memory books.
2. Field day is Friday. There is a note that went home today with specifics of what to wear, bring, etc.
3. Last awards assembly will be May 24 at 8am in the cafeteria!

There are 2 different choices for a bonus this week. It will be due on Wednesday to allow for more time to compelte the assignment:

1. Bring in a picture of yourself when you were younger. List on another piece of paper or on the back of the picture what traits you inherited from your parents. Make sure to list at least 5 inherited tratis.

2. Make a set of multiplication flash cards for your facts 0-5. Make flash cards up until the tenth multiple. Record the number setence on one side of the card and the product on the opposite side of the card

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