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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Reflections on the year

Today we talked as a class about what we would want to change about our third grade year or what would we have done differently. Here are some of the reflections from our class:

1. Do more activities in multiplication and division because it is fun and you get to learn.
2. Learn more in cursive so that I will be better in fourth and fifth grade.
3. Do more book clubs because I like the activities I get to do in book clubs.
4. I would change problem solving because it got easier as the year went on because I want to be better at it.
5. I would change my attitude, sometimes I am grouchy and tired. A positive attitude would be better because I know I would have a good day.  A bad attitude will be a bad day.
6. I would make more challenges/goals for myself like reading more (finishing more books) because I want to be a better learner.
7. I would change my behavior so my parents would be proud of me.
8. I would have one folder for every unit so we can really experience it.
9. I would like to use more computers to study and research so I can be more knowledgeable.
10. I would want to use more technology because  it will teach you more because you get to do different things.
11. Start cursive earlier in the year so we can learn the whole alphabet.
12. Do more experiments on science because we focused more on math and reading and I wished we did more science experiments.
13. Study more influential/important people in history in Social Studies.
14. Do more math computer games because if we do the games we would have more knowledge about math.
15. I would change my behavior so I could do better in school.

Blog Bonus!!
I am going to miss you so much over the summer! What will you miss about your third grade year? Post it to the blog or bring in a note!!


  1. i am going to miss you mrs.pair!!!!!!!! alot.

  2. Im going to miss you and all my friends :D
    E H-T

  3. I will miss you so much! :)
    I hope I see you at the YMCA.
    sincerely paloma G.

  4. Ms. pair what time is the party? please respond.

    paloma G.

    1. We will start between 1245 and 1 today

  5. i am going to miss doing all the fun experiments we did like the angry birds project.

  6. hey ms. pair i was wondering if you can reply to this sence its a knock knock joke. knock knock E H-T

  7. hey ms. pair this is emily h-t and emily f. We miss you very much we wish we can see you right now!I wish you could be our teacher every year!!!!!!!!!! We are actuly playing a game about school beacause I reaserched chetahs in school and we are pretending where chethas and so we know what chethas eat, live and what they look like so it helps with are game!
    E H-T and E F.

  8. hey ms. pair i have another joke for you what did the pen say to the pencial....? whats your POINT
    E H-T

  9. I miss you so so so so much!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Ms.Pair you haven't posed a new blog yet. When are you going to? And I miss you :(

  11. I miss you so super much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)