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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Here are some pictures from our popsicle party on Monday. We had a lot of fun enjoying our sweet treats and time together to relax before STAAR testing!
Enjoying our popsicle party!

Having a good time!

Our next unit deals with animals and their adaptations and traits. Your BLOG BONUS is to research your favorite wild animal. You can bring in the information or post the information. You need to find:
1. The ecosystem the animal lives in
2. How big the animal gets.
3. How does it attack prey or hide from predators.
4. One interesting fact.
**Remember you can use the research information on the Caldwell Heights Library page on the CHE homepage to help you find the information!

Good luck on International Night! I will be thinking about you guys!!


  1. Ms. Pair we miss you!

    My favorite animal is the labrador retriever. I did my research and answers and then saw it said "wild" animal. I will post the comments I have for the dog and then do a wild animal, too.
    1. The ecosystem a lab lives in is "human" or "urban".
    2. The animal may weigh between 55-80 lbs and can grow to 2 feet tall at the shoulder.
    3. It attacks prey by stalking and hunting and it avoids predators by running. This is not a big problem for most labs, but they are trained as hunting dogs sometimes.
    4. Labs are often called "the perfect pet" because of their personality.

    Feel better soon. Love, Abby S.

  2. Ms. Pair this is Abby S. I dont see a new blog activity and it is 5:00 on Sunday. Will there be a new blog update for this weekend? Thank you.
    Abby S.