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Monday, May 21, 2012

Our last week together!

Last week Lucas Miller came to sing with us about animals, their ecosystems, food chains and adaptations. He sang some informative, funny songs and we really enjoyed his visit to our school! Here are some pictures from the assembly. You can visit his website at http://www.lucasmiller.net/.

Getting ready to sing about wet lands!

Learning about a sharks food chain and then singing along!

Enjoying our last couple of days!

Really focusing and listening!

Today I posed this question to the class:
When you were coming into 3rd grade what is something you wish you knew then that you didn't know? What would have made third grade easier for you?
We brainstormed what we thought and here were our responses:
1. Adrian- Don't pick up rocks on the playground
2. Darrion- Do not fight
3. Wesley- Do your homework everyday because otherwise you will be in study hall.
4. Halle- How to show strategies for dividing.
5. Maddie C- Know your multiplication facts
6. Adam- Focus on your work so it is done on time.
7. Emily F-Do not do sloppy work or you will do it again!
8. Miguel- Check your work in writing so that other people can read it.
9. Maddie M- Always have a positive attitude.
10. Quynh- How to write in cursive
11. Paloma- Follow expectations or you will move your card.
12. Karan- How to find perimeter and area
13. Stephan- Play when it is appropriate so you do not get in trouble.
14. Brandon- Do not be late for school
15. Jayden- The nines trick with your hands for multiplication
16. Emily HT- In assemblies make sure you sit on your bottom so other people can see.
17. Leena- Do not move your card- be good.

My question to my soon to be fourth graders is...
What do you want to know about fourth grade? What are you curious about for next year? (Expectations, homework, tips, etc)


  1. i wonder what kind of homework we have? h.o

  2. What are we doing for homework? E.F

    1. i think we r having the same kind(of math not sure of reading)af

  3. I Wonder if we will have to do five minute frenzys.Because i like those.af