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Friday, January 6, 2012

A Busy New Year!

Tuesday morning we hit the ground running! We started our third IB unit. Our new central idea for our unit is "The need to share information leads to many forms of communication". We did a communication time line after we brainstormed forms of communication. We have been learning how communication evolves over time. After we discussed out timeline students brainstormed what might come next in communication technology. Some ideas were teleporting, iphone 5, robots that you can send messages to...

Another focus this unit has been "scientists communicate information through expository text". We learned that our science notebook was a form of expository text. We also came up with using graphs, charts, and diagrams. We have been using expository text to discuss and share what we have learned about the sun. We discovered that our biggest misconception was that we thought the sun was made of fire, we learned later that it is made of gas!

In math we started learning about linear measurement. Today we went to different stations to measure our feet, how far we can jump, the length of the classroom and how far we could blow a pattern block. We had a TON of fun!!!!

Be a measurement detective! This weekend measure three different things (at home, HEB, the park...etc). Tell me the object you measured, what tool you used to measure it, and what the result was.
1. I measured my shoe. I used a ruler to measure my shoe. My shoe was 10 inches long.

Post your result on the blog or bring it in on Monday for a super secret surprise!!!



  1. i measured a table and it was 5 ft and 2 inches, i also measured a big window and it is 4 ft and 6 inches and the last thing i measured was a couch and it was 6 ft and 11 inches and that was all the tree objects that i measured and i measured them all with a ruler i hope you enjoy your weeked and i forgot to tell you but the day before we came back to school Alex learnd how to roll over but he can only be on his back and roll to his belly he can't be on his belly and roll to his back. E H-T

  2. I measured my foot. I used our body signs,I used the thumb which is an inch. My foot was 6 in. and 2cm. long.I measured a regular sized marker. I used chips to measure the marker. The marker was 5 chips long. I measured how tall I was when I was in 2nd grade. I used big glue sticks. It was12 glue sticks long. Paloma P.G.

  3. Ms. Pair,
    Abby left her measurements in my husband's car, which is sitting in the short term parking lot at ABIA. He left town yesterday and it was so unusual for a Sunday we forgot to get our paper out. Would it be possible for Abby to do 3 new measurements today and turn them in tomorrow? At least the dog didn't eat her homework. :)Cindy S

  4. Ms. Pair,
    I measured these things: Hamster cage, 7 3/4 paper clips long; water bottle, 3 3/4 toothpicks long; and Diary of a Wimpy Kid Cabin Fever book, 17 M&M's long. Thank you! This was fun and I got to eat the M&M's with my Mom. Abby S

  5. hey ms.pair i was wondering what the squres where because i lost mine and i can not find it and i was going to see if it was at school when i go to school twomarrow do you know what the squres are?

  6. For homework please write a summary using SWBST or who what where when why how. We will get you new squares tomorrow!! Have a good night, don't for get about finding or writing poetry with similies!!

  7. hey ms.pair its me emily for my homework i already did wwwwh so do i do swbst? :D

  8. hey ms.pair i forgot what congruent means what does it mean? e h-t

  9. Yes that is fine! Make sure its a new book or chapter you read.

  10. hi mrs pair this is the poem i came up with
    mars is red earth is blue i love all planets dont you?

  11. Ms. Pair I'm at the cedar park center watching
    The circus. There was an elephant playing
    Instruments and a guy on a wheel juggling
    Fire with a blind fold on. and we saw
    Acrobats we also saw tigers doing amazing
    Tricks I was blown away we're on a break
    At the circus I'll post more later.