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Friday, December 9, 2011

The past few weeks and Minute To Win It fun!

It has been a while since our last blog post, so you are probably wondering what we have been up to the last 2 weeks!

In reading we finished learning about the characteristics of folktales. We learned about legends, myths, fairy tales, and fables. We have started learning how to summarize nonfiction text. We have read "The Hallelujah Flight", "Wolves", and "The Presidency". We learned that to summarize nonfiction text you need to use a main idea chart. Then you use the main idea and supporting details to make your paragraph.

In math we have been focusing on solving multiplication by using tables. We have discussed ways we will use multiplication in real life. Ask your child how they can use it in their life!!

In social studies we are using the cultural heritage interview to research our past. We are using what we learned to make cultural heritage dolls. Some things that we have learned are:
- Where are grandparents are from.
- The German flag's colors stand for a black eagle with red claws and beak and golden field.
- The Mexican flag's emblem is a bird on a cactus eating a snake.
- In France they eat snails called escargot.

Our review of our game is....
- J.E.- Devin and Maddie played "defying gravity"
- D.H.- We played breakfast scramble
- H. O.- Defying gravity was kind of hard
- D. J.- It was a fun game
- M.A.- Breakfast scramble was tricky
- A.R.- A Bit Dicey was really hard because if you move then the dice fall off the stick
-A.F.- When we did the puzzles I picked the Trait Words puzzle piece
- S.B.- I played defying gravity and it was fun because I have ninja like reflexes
- M.M.- It combined 2 of our favorite things, reading and games
-E.H.T- I liked the breakfast scramble because it was the front of a box I had not seen so it was difficult the first time. Then I memorized it and tried it again and got it
- B.W.- I played don't blow the kings. It was difficult because when you tried to blow the other cards off, the kings fell off too.

Post a letter to Ms. Pair on the blog. Include what do liked or disliked about Minute To Win It. If you disliked something tell me what you would want to try differently to make it better/ more interesting/ more exciting. In the letter include one thing you did this weekend or something that you are looking forward to!!

Have a great weekend! :o)
Don't forget to bring your Holiday Party supplies by Wednesday!! Pictures of Minute To Win It are coming soon!!

Reading with partners


We love to read!

"Don't Blow the Kings"!! Doing a great job!

Can you get all of the cards off the table excpet the kings?

Get those cards off that table!!!

Working on a puzzle piece!

"Defying gravity" by keeping the balloons off the ground

Working on our puzzle

Puzzle piece!

Our Minute To Win It board

Trying "A Bit Dicey" out!

Doing great!

What a great puzzle solver!

Breakfast scramble!

Doing great!

Solving the scramble

Partner reading work in class


  1. dear, ms.pair its me emily my favirote part of the minute to win it was when i did the breakfast scramble and it was beacause i have never seen before so it was chalnging and i wanted it to be chalinging. At school im lookng forword to moving on from multipulcation and do division sincerley, Emily :o]

  2. I like dyefing geravitie but I think you should change 3 balloons too 2 balloons because that game was really hard because the balloons drop too the floor really fast.I am looking forword to my nana coming.


  3. Dear Ms.Pair,
    I liked everything about Minute to Win It. The games were hard to win but a lot of fun. My favorite game was the puzzle game. It might be good to have only one person write on the puzzle pieces for the book. It got confusing with everyone yelling and trying to do it together. This weekend I went to a snow day at a Christmas celebration in Llano. We go every year. Plus I am looking forward to going to a swim meet this weekend in San Antonio. I am enetered in the 50 free style, 50 breast stroke, 100 free style, 100 breast stroke, and my first time for the 200 free style. Thank you Ms. Pair for letting us play the game. You are the best teacher! Love, Abby S.

  4. when are you going to post our next blog


  5. Merry Christmas ms.pair!!!!!I loved minute to win it!I just wanted to change don't blow the kings,I want it to be less cards on top of the kings because I felt a little light headed after I tried to do it.I got a lot of presents for Christmas,but the thing I loved the most was I got a wii!! I really loved this Christmas!!!I hope you had a awesome Christmas in Las Vegas!It was a great idea for minute to win it! you are a great teacher ms.pair! Paloma G.

  6. I loved that Abby said all the kinds of things that she did while she swam.I think that Abby acomplished a lot while swiming. Paloma G.

  7. Merry Christmas Ms.Pair! How was your trip to Las Vegas? I hope it was really fun. What did you get for Christmas? I got a trampoline from Santa! I just wanted to see how you were doing.
    Abby S.

  8. hey ms.pair are we going to where pajamas to school twomarrow? E H-T

  9. Yes!! Wear your pj's!! See you tomorrow!

  10. Hey Ms.Pair i forgot to tell you but the day before we came back to school Alex learned how to roll over. i hope you have a great weekend!!!!!! :]