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Friday, January 20, 2012

This week was like....

We have started our new unit and are coming close to the end. One of our lines of inquiry is that "Authors communicate ideas through expressive language". We have been focusing on poetry as we learn about expressive language. One of the things we have really enjoyed is learning about similes.

A similes compares two different objects and how they are alike by using like or as.
Example: Adrian's shoe laces were as slippery as an eel.

At the end of the day the student had a "ticket out the door". They had to write a simile about this week at school. Here is what they came up with:

Devin- Area is as easy as soccer.
Leena- It is hot like a light bulb, it is red like paint, it bursts like a bubble where there ought to be gasses. (The sun)
Paloma- Ms. Pair is as nice as a puppy.
Abby- Learning about area is as cool as a roller coaster.
Wesley- Space is as cool as a motorcycle
Brandon- Learning shapes is as easy as reading a baby's book.
Halle- Multiplication is as easy as running a race.
Emily HT- School- it's as cool as swimming in the water. It's as smart as a scientist. It's as fun as a whole bunch of kids playing.
Karan- Geometry is as fun as the circus.
Jayden- Space is as cool as video games.
Emily F- Ms. Pair's class is as loud as 1,000 canaries squawking.
Adam- School is as fun as swimming in a pool.
Darrion- Playing tag is as fun as racing.
Stephan- Geometry is as cool as skateboarding.
Maddie- School is as fun as playing in the water at the beach and as cool as a white tiger crawling in slow motion with sunglasses on.

We have also been learning about objects in space like the sun, earth, moon, and planets. A way to remember the order of the planets is to use the following sentence:

My Very Excited Mother Just Served Us Nachos

M in my stands for Mercury.
V in very stands for Venus.
E in excited stands for Earth.
M in mother stands for Mars.
J in just stands for Jupiter.
S in served stands for Saturn.
N in nachos stands for Neptune.

What new sentence can you think of to help you remember the order of the planets. Remember the planets must be in order and the word has to start with the letter that plant starts with. For example N (Neptune) could stand for noodles, Nerds. Post your sentence on the blog or bring it in to class on Monday!!

:) Have a good weekend!


  1. do we only do one


  2. of the what the blog bones says halle

  3. Murcury could stand for mom


  4. Moms Voice Every Mood Joyful, Silly, Unhappy, Nice. Or: Monkeys Vacation Each Monday Jumping ,Stomping,Unruly Nitwits.

  5. Mr. Vampire Eats My Jelly Sandwich Nightly

    M in Mr. stands for Mercury.
    V in vampire stands for Venus.
    E in eats stands for Earth.
    M in my stands for Mars.
    J in jelly stands for Jupiter.
    S in sandwich stands for Saturn.
    N in nightly stands for Neptune.


  6. Mimi Visited England Monday July second Until Noon -M in Mimi stands for Mercury. -V in visited stands for Venus. -E in England stands for Earth. -M in Monday stands for Mars. -J in July stands for Jupiter. -S in second stands for Saturn. -U in until stands for Uranus. -N in noon stands for Neptune. P.G.

  7. Miami- stands for Mercury
    Vermont- stands for Venus
    England- stands for Earth
    Mississippi- stands for mars
    Jackson Ville- stands for Jupiter
    San jose- stands for Saturn
    United kingdom- stands for Uranus
    Nebraska- stands for Neptune