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Friday, January 27, 2012

Ending our third unit!!

We have finished our third IB unit. Here are some of the things we have learned based off of our three lines of inquiry.

Scientists communicate information through expository text.
We learned...
- scientists use scientific language.
- expository text is non-fiction
- scientists write down their new information in science notebooks/ journals
- Scientists use real information and real facts
- They can put their information in brochures, banners, tv commercials/ shows, magazines

Authors communicate ideas through the use of expressive language.
We learned...
- They sometimes write books, plays, or poems
- To express themselves they use similes, adjectives, alliteration, rhyming, and repetition
- Authors can use snail mail to communicate their ideas
- Authors can use skype to communicate
- Authors can use imagery (adjectives, similes)
- You can express yourself through free verse poetry- poetry that has no rules
- You can express yourself through humorous poetry- poetry that is funny
- You can express yourself through narrative poetry- poetry that tells a story
- You can express yourself through lyrical poetry- poetry that expresses the feelings of the author and is usually in a song- Taylor Swift

Information sharing evolves over time.
We learned that...
- We went from oral communication, snail mail, rotary phones, to email, to cell phones, and facebook
- Skype and facebook are called social networks or social media

We studied alliteration. Here are some examples we made as a class:
Darrion- Dinosaurs are dizzy from dancing.
Adam- Chuck chucked a Chucky Cheese medal out the window.
Jayden- Exciting Elizabeth eats eggrolls.
Wesley- Mr. Apple eats applesauce nightly.
Halle- Marley ate a macadamia nut and some marbles.
Adrian- Awkward antelopes ate my ancestors.
Abby- Chuck the chunk chimp ate chocolate, chicken, and cheez its.
Brandon- Sharp shaped shark teeth shock me.
Maddie- Sloppy Sally slobbers on her salad.
Karan- Batman battles the big Bain.
Paloma- Harry hopped he was happy on his birthday.
Emily F- Victor was very vicious to Velma and her friend Victoria.
Emily HT- Elephants eat lots of eggs.
Miguel- Lilly the lion loved lollipops.

BLOG BONUS!! Post or write an alliteration sentence about something you do this weekend! Make sure it makes sense!!


  1. Jerimiah jumped when he opened his jumbo jilly bob jump. P.G.

  2. Friends and fun in the sun felt fine and fantastic.

  3. basket balls bounce when bounced by boys A.F