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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope that everyone is having a wonderful break from school! I am about to go run the Turkey Trot to kick off my Thanksgiving, then I am having fajitas with the family. We always eat non-traditional Thanksgiving food since my sister and I are picky eaters. After dinner my sister and I are going to do some shopping at midnight! What are you doing to celebrate thanksgiving?

List on the BLOG your Thanksgiving tradition OR tell 5 things you are thankful for and why you are thankful for them!

Look back for another BONUS this week!! 

:) Ms. Pair


  1. well i always spend thanksgiving with my aunts in del rio.the foods we eat are rolls,stuffing,potato salad,i cant really think of anything else oh wait turkey.:D

  2. My family tradition is to wake my family up
    Early. And start our thanksgiving turkey.
    Then we take lots and lots of naps. We
    Like to watch the thanksgiving parade. Also
    Lots&lots of football with my family.
    And sometimes we even play football.
    We finish preparing our thanksgiving
    Dinner and celebrate.

  3. the first comment was A.F

  4. A couple of our family traditions are we
    Allways meet all of our family at my grandma or nanas house.

    We also have a big feast.
    And we have a prayer before we eat Thanksgiving dinner.

  5. Hey miss pair its me Emily H-T I wanted to tell tonight im going to a basckitball game me my three brothers my mom and my brothers freind are going i cant wait!!!!!:]

  6. miss.PAIR will there be a blog!!!!


  7. Ms. Pair,
    Abby was still under the weather this weekend so she has not completed the make up work for her absences last week. I gave her a note to give to you on Monday. For some crazy reason, we aren't able to access any email. By the way -we love the depth and complexity of the newer math problems. Yeah! Andy, Cindy & Abby

  8. Hey ms.pair its me Emily H-T I dont know if i told you this but yesturday Alex rolled over i was doing homeworkk snd he was sitting next to me and i put the book in my backpack aand when i turned around and he wasrolled over

  9. mrs.pair what does w,w,w,w,w,h mean again


  10. i do remembrer who,what,when,where,why,and how Emily H-T

  11. Hey Ms.Pair its me Emily H-T at school i really hope we can earn the T W I in just one day that would be so cool. i really want to open one preasent beacause my mom and my ddad already put some under the christmas tree. and i cant wait till christmas comes im so happy thats why im even telling you that i want to open a christmas preasent. i tried to help Alex sit up today but he would not do it but im going to keep trying to help him. E H-T

  12. hey miss pair its me emily h-t i did not even know this but tonight im going to go to another toros basckitball game and i did not even know until i got home from school and then like an hour after that i knew and i just cant wait!!!!!:]! E H-T