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Friday, November 4, 2011

What's the moral- A look into fables

This week we learned about a new genre of Folktale. We learned about fables. Fables...:
- Teach a moral or lesson
- characters can be a human or an animal that has human characteristics.

We read the fable "Wolf! Wolf!" and "The Empty Pot". We also watched "The Lion and the Mouse." Ask me about the moral from each story!

We also focused on sequencing. Can you sequence your day?

We learned how to use multiplication. Multiplication is equal groups. We practice naming items that came in groups. What can you find at the grocery store that comes in groups?

Blog Bonus!!!!!:
1. Go to the same science website that we have used before:
2. Log In
Username: pair3
Password: pair3

3. Click on the link to open

4. Listen to the Science Rock song and complete the pre-assessment on mixtures (We will be learning about mixtures next week)

5. Post on the blog:
1. 1 thing you learned about mixtures
2. 1 question you have about mixtures

Have a wonderful weekend! :)


  1. new learning: you can take sugar from lemonade by evaporating it.
    question:can you mix any thing?

    question:what are you doing this weekend and next?A.F

  2. how can youmake it turn a diffrent color
    mixers has all most evything in it.

  3. you can pull apart mixtures. can you drink mixtures/yes

  4. learned:mixtures have to be 2 or more things to be a mixture.
    question:is any amount of things a mixture? P.G.

  5. karan said,

    When mixtures are created it could change color too.

    I wonder how many mixtures could be created.

  6. Mixtures can have 2 or more substances.

    How many ways are there to separate mixtures?

  7. Mixtures CAN be spread!

    Can MATTER be a mixture?

  8. hey ms.pair i wanted to tell u a joke witch bird has the worst maners? EH-T

  9. a mocking bird EH-T

  10. hey miss pair i wanted to tell u another joke what fish goes best with penut butter? :)

  11. a jellyfish like a penut butter and jelly sandwitch :)

  12. I was going to guess a tuna fish!!! What kind of phone does a turtle use?