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Friday, April 20, 2012

The STAARS are.....

Ms. Pair's Class!! We earned a Popsicle party Monday for everyone passing their last independent reading relay!! I am so proud of everyones VERY hard work!!

We have brainstormed a list of activities that we could do to take our minds off of STAAR testing next Tuesday and Wednesday. Some of the ideas that we have to have a nice, relaxing weekend are:
- Go swimming
- Go to a friends house
- Play a video game
- Go ride your bike
- Have a water gun fight
- Spend time with family
- Sleep in!!
- Relax by watching TV
- Go to a place like Main Event to have fun
- Go to the movies or watch a movie
- Go to the park
- Go on a hike or go to the lake
- camp out
- Play spies or pirates outside
- Ride on a boat

Just a reminder that STAAR testing is Tuesday and Wednesday. Please make sure your child gets to school on time!! NO backpacks and NO snacks or water. Snack and water will be provided.

We have earned a Reading Campout Thursday after STAAR testing. Please wear your PJs to school. You can bring sleeping bags, blankets, pillows, flashlights, books, and games. We will be doing science, reading and playing games together to celebrate all of our hard work this year!

BLOG BONUS!!! Do an activity off of the list or another one that you would enjoy. Post a note on the blog explaining what you did and why you enjoyed it!! Rest up!!


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  2. I went to stephans house and went to Main event.


  3. I went out and I rode my bike.

    I also relaxed by watched TV.


    1. Can we bring our slepers on Thursday?

  4. I had friends over and played alot of games E H-T

  5. I went outside and rode my scooter,went to a friends house and played with my cousins

  6. i played at a base ball game and stephan was on the opposite team.my team won!!!a.f

  7. I also had a sleep over at my bestfriends house and we played nerf guns.a.f.

  8. I played 5 friends Sunday and I played a soccer game on Saturday the score was a tie 2-2 h.o

  9. in the middle of played and 5 there was supose to be the word with

  10. Can we bring 2or1 stuft animals?

    Can you bring a big stuft animal?