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Friday, October 14, 2011

We compelted our first IB unit!!

This week we completed our first IB unit. For our final project we wrote letters to Rick Perry from the point of view of farmers, construction workers, historical preservationists, environmentalists, and business owners. We tried to convince or not to convince Rick Perry to move forward with building the Trans- Texas Corridor.
Here is some information we learned:
Here is our final project- Our letters to Rick Perry

We also finished learning about addition and subtraction with regrouping. Here is our chart we made together in the classroom:

In reading we focused on main idea of fiction and non-fiction reading. We read a humors story called "Frank was a Monster Who Wanted to Dance". It was pretty silly. You can find it on "Tumble Books" under the CHE library research resources web site:

Our main idea bats after reading "Bats at the Library"

BLOG Bonus!!
You will be completing a scavenger hunt on natural resources. The website is through Round Rock ISD and the websites have been approved for student use. As teachers we use the website for planning various science lessons!
1. Click on the following link to go to the web site:
Click her for the bonus

2. Log in.
User name: pair3
Password: pair3

3. click on the link after you log in that is title "Unit One"

4. Click on "Web Surfing Science"

5. Click on the link titled "web quest". It will open up a document. If you click on the links it will take you to the website you need to go to to find the answers. You can print out the "Web Quest" and fill it in or you can record your answers on notebook paper!

6. If it will not work or if you have any questions, post them on the blog and I will get back to you! Happy hunting!!

:) Ms. Pair


  1. Never mind we got it!! MA 's mom, lol!

  2. hey miss pair i am having troble on the blog can you help me at school EHT

  3. Hi ms.pair, on the blog bonus I went to the next question but it was blank. I saw a word and tried to put it in the hole but it just went back to the place it started in. what do I do? P.G.

  4. Hi ms.pair I hope you are having a great weekend!I had a pretty good weekend.I did not get to go horse back riding because it hurt its back.See you on Monday.I hope you tell me what to do on the scavenger hunt. P.G.

  5. Paloma,

    I am confused on the part that you are having trouble on. We will look at it on Monday together in the morning before announcements!

    I hope you had a great weekend!

    Also, EHT, I will help you too!

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  7. hey miss pair i loved school today it was fun the scrach off tickets are cool i really want to know how to make them maby u can tell me how to on the comperter or at school because it looks and is cool i didn't want pajama day because i thought it woould not be cumfrdeble with everybody else in their clothes and me the only one in pajamas EHT

  8. ms pair I got 2 parakeets last weekind.


  9. hey miss pair can u tell me how to make the scratch off cards? EHT

  10. Emily- this website will tell you how to make them. Make sure that you have permission to look at it before you click on it.


  11. hi mrs pair I cant find my reading homework sheet what should I do for my home work. h.o

  12. Halle please read and complete a summary!

  13. ms.pair we did the main idea cause we did not now what to do h.o

  14. hey miss pair i am having a sleepover with madison from miss payne's class today and i was just so excited to tell u at school but i couldn't wait until school on monday so i just thought i would tell u now! i am having a wonderful time i can't wait to see u at school on monday! EHT

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