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Friday, October 7, 2011

Choices people make influences society

This week we had a discussion in the classroom about CHE becoming an IB school. We discussed that we will be learning through 6 different units this year. Our first unit has been "Who We Are". Our central idea for our unit is "Choices people make influences society." Our central idea is our reason for learning all of the concepts that we have in the last 6 weeks.

We have learned that choices can influence natural resources, the ecosystems, businesses. In order to better  understand these topics we discussed cause and effect and fact and opinion.
We are completing our first unit next week. The building of the Trans-Texas Corridor is our inspiration for our final project. We are going to be working on a project where we write a letter to Rick Perry from the view point of a construction worker, farmer, historical preservationist, environmentalist, or business owner. We will have to persuade Rick Perry to or not to build the Trans-Texas Corridor. We will be having a debate in out classroom to argue our opinions.

We watched a video where people described how building the road would effect them and their lives. Watching this video made us feel:
- like we wanted to help to change the situation
- When we learned that historical cemeteries would be destroyed it made us upset
- Sad and mad because the road will destroy plants and animals homes. It will cause people to leave their homes.

Here is a link to the video we watched in class to help us with background knowledge:

BLOG BONUS!! Write a letter to a person of your choice persuading them to do something you want them to do. (Ex: buy candy, take you to a movie, come visit) Bring the letter in or post it on the blog by Tuesday morning. Complete for a SECRET SURPRISE!


  1. Dear Mac Brown,

    I think you should let me and my family have season passes to all Longhorn football games. I am the horns biggest fan, even though I am only 8! I have gone to almost every game since the day I was born. If you give us sesason tickets, you can count on us to come early, stay late, and wear orange to every game. Another reason I should get tickets is becuase my mom can yell very loud. She would really encourage the team to play well. I hope you make the right choice and send me tickets tomorrow!


  2. Dear Coach Adam,
    I am excited about the swim meet at UT. I would like to swim only the 50 free and 50 breaststroke, not the 100 free and the 100 breaststroke. This is my first swim meet and I have only practiced the 50 meter events. I am too nervous that I will mess up events I have not practiced. Especially because I am 8 and the event is 12 and under.
    Thank you,
    Abby S.

  3. hey miss pair i cant wait tonlearn about patterens i have learnd them in 1st and 2nd i think that i`m going to be good at it in 3rd too EHT

  4. I am so excited that you are excited to learn more about patterns!! Have a WONDERFUL weekend!!

    :) Ms. Pair