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Friday, September 2, 2011

A Week of Heroes!

In Reading, Science, and Social Studies this week we focused on reading about people who showed qualities of heroism and good citizenship. We learned about this by reading biographies. We read Ruby Bridges and tracked out thinking. We also read Ruby's Wish. Ruby's Wish was about a girl who was the first to go to university. We learned that these two characters were a lot alike!
- Both girls were the only ones in school.
- Both girls experienced discrimination. Ruby Bridge's was discriminated against because of her skin color and Ruby was discriminated against because she was a girl.

In math we learned about Lone Star math. It will help us review math. We also learned about place value up to the hundreds. Today we made number webs using playing cards. Next week we will be learning place value up to the hundred thousands.

Have a great weekend! Remember: Book order is due Sept. 7th. For online ordering please send Ms. Pair a note!

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  1. hey miss pair i am glad you helped me do the blog right! i am soooo glad that we are doing patterns in math because i am really good at them because in first grade and 2. i learned patterns a lot so i thought i might be good at it this year i can`t wait until we do a lot of paterns this year!!!! EHT