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Friday, November 2, 2012

Matter and Energy

- We have learned about thermal energy, mechanical energy, sound energy, and light energy. We went to different stations to investigate how the forms of energy work and how they help us.

- We have been reading non fiction books. We been practicing using non fiction features and learning how to read non fiction books.
- We have been using a book about energy to help us study non fiction.

- In math we learned to tell time. Our main focus has been telling time to the minute and identifying half past, quarter till, and quarter past.
***Quiz your child on time this weekend!!

**Coming up on Monday there are 2 important events:
1. Math tests on addition, subtraction, estimation are due signed and returned to Ms. Pair
2. Family reading night is on Monday.

1. We still need Styrofoam balls for our Angry Birds investigation

Blog Bonus:
1. Make a time schedule of what you did one day this weekend. Include what you did, the time you did it. The time must be recorded like a clock with the hour hand, minute hand, and the time digitally underneath.

2. Record down 2 examples of each form of energy that you find this weekend. Draw a picture for each example and label it. You will need to find 2 examples for thermal energy, light energy, sound energy, and mechanical energy.


  1. catch phrase catch phrase

  2. I love it when Ms.pair teaches us because she is always nice to us and she tells us everything about her and her dog Yohan.

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