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Friday, October 5, 2012

Ending our first unit!

This week we have been working on addition and subtraction with regrouping. We have been using a part/part/whole chart to help us determine if we need to add or subtract. When we subtract we use a "baby dot" and "adult dot" to help us see if we need to regroup. If the baby is left on top we need to regroup! We have also been using place value blocks to help us understand regrouping and to show our work. WE LOVE MATH!

The reading skill that we have been focusing on this week is inferencing. We have learned that you need to think about your text clues, then your background knowledge and you combing them to make an inference. We have been using the book "Cricket in Times Square" to help us with our reading lesson. We like this book because....
- it connects to economics which we are learning in social studies
- it is interesting because the animals are meeting a lot of people
-  it is helping us with comprehension

We are working on our draft 2 of our seed idea story. We have added our new leads and our new endings to our stories. We are working towards publishing this as our first writing piece this year.

End of our first unit!!
We have been working towards finishing our first unit about economic systems. We have discussed entreprenuers and how communities effect business. We have drafted a buisness plan and created an advertisement with it. We have also worked together as a "family" and made a budget and had to work together to meet our needs and decide on our wants. We will be finishing up next week with a summative assessment.

Here are some pictures from working on our advertisements:
Working on our advertisements for our business plans!

Showing off our hard work
Looking good!!

I want to get my car washed here!
In writing we have been working in improving our leads and endings. In the classroom I have started a collection of good leads and endings that we have found in our reading in the classroom. This weekend, find a book that you can bring to school that has either a strong lead or a strong ending, or both. Ms. Pair will take a picture of the lead or ending and add it to the collection!!

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