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Saturday, February 11, 2012

How To....?

For your Blog Bonus this week you have 3 options:
1. Write a how to for something that you do this weekend.
2. Find an example of a how to to bring in on Monday
3. Follow my how to and bring in the final product!

Ms. Pair's How To

Want to become a fabulous artist?? Follow these steps to learn how to draw!
- plain pencil
- lined or white paper

1. On your paper draw a compass rose at the northeast corner.
2. On your map draw a community. The community must include the following and can follow any theme:
- a place for people to go when they are sick
- a form of transportation
- a place for people to learn
- places for people to live
- a place for people to have fun
- roads
- your house
3. On the back explain how to get from your house to 3 different places. Make sure you use directional words to describe how to get there.

See you on Monday!! :)


  1. How To Make Nachaos
    1.cheese or queso
    2.tortilla chip's
    3.hot sauce

    1.melt the cheese until liuquidy
    2.add hot sauce to cheese
    3.pour cheese over chips

  2. hey ms.pair on are homework for the summary at the end do we have to rght it in paragraph form for swbst?

  3. "Is the pasege the great game for Monday or Tuesday