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Friday, May 2, 2014

Here is our favorite new song to help us learn more about capacity. These days you can hear "When a cup fills up..." echoing in the room!

Blog Bonus: (Due Tuesday!)
What do you think "Capa- City" looks like? Draw a picture using objects that are cups, pints, quarts, and gallons to build your image of what the city looks like.

Population 45 gallons? What about the cups, pints, and quarts?!?!!?


  1. MY dad, and my brother LOVE the Capacity viedo! my mom hasn't watched it yet.CB

  2. Now my mom watched the Capacity video! My mom thought the video was a Qt!

  3. Now my mom watched the Capacity video.My Mom thought it was a Cutie! CB

  4. now my grandma watched the capacity video. ms.pair my grandma like sent by :sal

  5. I showed this video to my soccer friends and they loved it.R.M(W)