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Friday, September 7, 2012

A Fun Week At School!

This week in math we review place value. We reviewed the different forms- expanded form, standard form, picture form, and place value chart. We learned how to organize our information in a number web. We also learned about the thousands place!

In reading we learned the expectations for partner reading and read to self. Today we went to the library for the first time to check out books!

In writing we have been writing about a special object, person, and place. We brainstormed 4 special moments about each and then turned the special moment into a writing piece.

In social studies we learned about economic systems. We sorted goods and services from advertisements.

Blog Bonus!!!!
Look in a magazine, newspaper, advertisement, etc for 2 4 digit numbers. A 4 digit number goes up to the thousands place. For each number you will need to make a number web for a total of 2 number webs.

Example of a number web. DON'T forget to label the VALUES!!!

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