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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Launch Week!!!

This week has been a very exciting week in our classroom. We have started on our summative assessment for our unit. We are putting all of our learning about force, motion, work, and energy to use by developing levers to launch 3 different angry birds.

It has not been with out challenges! Many groups are having to rework their levers because they did not expect for their birds to be 3 different weights! They are in the process of developing more accurate levers to launch their birds.

Here are some pictures of what we have accomplished so far!
Planning before the launch!

Developing a plan for a launch lever

What type of lever will be the best?

Launch count down!! 3...2...1

The red bid causes ALL the problems!!

The blue bird in action!

This week we have also been studying graphing. We have made bar and pictographs. We learned that in ALL graphs it is very important to read the key!


Use the data collected to make a graph (bar or pictograph) and a chart. Make sure your graph and chart have the information included from the problem and have the 4 parts that we have talked about in class (Title, key, horizontal label, vertical label). Make sure you use graph paper or a ruler!

At the beach over spring break I was polling different families about their favorite Popsicle flavors. I asked a total of 50 people their favorite flavor. Out of the 50 people, 11 chose lime as their favorite flavor, 9 chose grape, 13 chose banana, and the rest picked cherry. Make a chart of the results and a graph to match!


  1. Best weekend ever !!! I got to have fun in San Antonio
    At the JW Marroit. and I got to meet new people like a kid
    Named Ethan nick name ( Erod ) we got to do all sorts of
    Actives like ping pong, swimming,pool,electrical checkers,
    Tag, kickball, design inner tubes,watch despicable Me,
    Water slides. When we went on a water slide together we
    Where sliding down to the end of the slide and we hit a
    Big wave a flew off the double tube. I also got to have fun
    With my family. I was pretty sad when I had to leave my
    New best friends but I still get to see them next year.

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  3. am i suposed to use the info you put on the blog bonus

  4. Ms. Pair,,
    Happy Easter! Will we have a blog activity today? Thanks and I hope your Easter is going great.
    Abby S.